• Where to Start as a Pastel Artist - The Soft Pastels

    This painting was done on Artagain black paper for pastels using my Mungo Pastels from China. These are not the softest but they are also not so hard they are difficult to use.
  • Where to Start as a Pastel Artist - What paper to use?

    This is one of my recent soft pastels paintings. I call it, "Stormy Seas". The paper is Artagain by Strathmore and is on light blue from the assorted colors pad.
  • Where to Start as a Pastel Artist...Blending

    This is my answer to the question every pastel artist asks at some point in time. "To Blend or Not to Blend"...now that is the question.
  • Beginning Your Soft Pastel Painting

    The following is a brief explanation of how I begin the process of creating a soft pastel painting. I hope it helps.

    If you are looking for a quality pattern to make your next afghan, the tried and true Log Cabin pattern is a good option. This is one that I was making for my daughter. She like afghans that have no holes in the pattern so this is a good choice. It works it into a very warm, attractive and sturdy blanket. She loves it and I think it is very lovely. This is great practice if you want to hone your skills.

    This blog is about the special stitches and techniques I have learned from crocheting for the last 60+ years. The picture here is a collection of crocheted butterflies that I have starched and attached to a foam core board. It hangs on my living room wall so I can look at it. There really does not seem to be any limit to what you can create in crochet. I now design my own patterns. I have always found crocheting to be therapeutic. I hope this post helps you along your crochet path. Happy crocheting!
  • Creating a Simple Cloud Painting: Start to Finish

    Creating a Simple Cloud Painting: Start to Finish is a dialog explaining the process from beginning to end. Pastel paintings are done differently than water color, acrylic or oils because of the medium. This is a quick overview of how I create my pastel paintings.

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